Ted Lasso is the boss we all wish we had

For those of you who have yet to enter the world of Ted Lasso, you are in for a real treat.

The Apple TV+ comedy that premiered in August 2020 is a refreshing and feel-good show. It has been compared to the giant hug we all needed after the past 2 years. The show follows American football coach Ted Lasso and his unrelenting optimism as he begins a new job coaching a pro-football team in the UK. Yes, two entirely different sports and two different cultures surrounding them. Through a variety of different themes and life lessons, Ted Lasso navigates a new country and culture.

Bridging the gap between American and British cultures

The mistake is often made to assume that moving to a new place that shares your native tongue won’t bring about any major cultural differences. The discrepancy between American and British cultures is a prime example of this. Ted Lasso highlights some of the major differences one will face coming from one country to another. Part of the show’s appeal is watching Ted succeed in bridging this cultural gap. And at the same time he concentrates on bringing out the better side of people through decency and belief.

Past the preference of Coffee vs. Tea, folks might encounter differences when it comes to dealing with conflict and their use of humour. Americans are known for being more direct and not shy about sharing their feelings. It rings true for Ted, whereas Brit’s value having a stiff upper lip. Americans tend to be in favor of talking things out and not bottling up their feelings when they are displeased. Rather than processing events in depth, many Brits just brush things under the carpet and keep their opinions largely to themselves. Not following suit might be considered rude and obnoxious to some. That being said, some Brits appreciate American candor and find it charming.

The difference in life perspectives can transcend into the prevalent sense and style of humour. The British tend to be more pragmatic, while Americans are more optimistic. British humor tends to be more dry, witty, self-deprecating and sarcastic. American humor, on the other hand, tends to be a little more slapstick and affiliative.

Leadership & Cultural Awareness

The show follows the relationships around the football club and the organizational culture Ted cultivates. The show highlights Ted’s refreshing outlook on life and coaching philosophies, which positively impact everyone around him. One thing that is undeniable about the show is that Ted Lasso is the boss we all wish we had. His empathetic, kind, and motivating approach to leading shows a genuine human behind the manager – it wouldn’t hurt to see more of this in a variety of workplaces.

Ted’s adaptable coaching style is tailored to the specific needs of each of the team members, and leaves us wondering why there aren’t more people like him out there . And more importantly, why aren’t more managers this invested in the well-being of their teams? Ted can pick up when his players need more positive reinforcement and when some need to hear the cold hard truth. Ted Lasso is on a mission to constantly improve the team’s culture – something often overlooked by managers as a top priority. Leaders from all industries could learn a thing or two from his approach and his journey to become culturally intelligent.

Cultural Intelligence

We understood that Cultural Intelligence is comprised of four elements: drive, knowledge, strategy, and action. For Ted, we can see this in his approach to better understand his team. As he takes in his surroundings, observes, listens, reflects on his mistakes, and intentionally maps out his plans. Ted is endlessly motivated to adapt to the cross-cultural setting while he works to build meaningful relationships and emotional connections with his team – based on trust, authenticity, and respect. Culturally intelligent leaders are naturally curious and want to learn more about the new culture, the people, beliefs, and values – which rings entirely true for Ted.

As the holidays approach and you might have more time than usual to spend watching a new series! Take it as an opportunity to indulge in this Master Class in Optimism. It is the much-needed dose of positive mentorship, human connection, and vulnerability that we didn’t even know we needed. You won’t regret it!

 Victoria Healey