Runa Magnusdottir
The Change Markers. #NoMoreBoxes Movement

I am really excited to see what Viviana is doing by looking at the world as a global citizen. Thank you Viviana for being the change and take the role to become the change that you want to see in the world

Martino Pillitteri
Cultural Intelligence Specialist

The demand for global minded leaders is higher than ever, that’s why I endorse and recommend Viviana Premazzi’s work, expertise and consultancy if you are ready to begin a Global Mindset Due Diligence Viviana is the right person to begin this process with

Paolo Monti
Lecturer in Moral and Political Philosophy

Globalization nowadays is not an abstract subject just for professors or politicians, it is really a process that is changing the world all around us. To get into this process and to transform problems in opportunities we require to develop a genuine global mindset

Neringa Tumėnaitė

Advocacy Advisor, UNITED for Intercultural Action

"I find that global challenges like migration and climate change and conflicts require global and open-minded solutions to create meaningful pathways to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals".