Relocating in Malta, how and why to take this step?

The tiny and peculiar island of Malta. In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful country, is becoming a very popular destination for families and international businesses. But why relocating in Malta is more and more appealing?
If you are considering moving your business and\or your family to this attractive, dynamic and strategic EU hub, you are probably asking yourself…

Which is the process to follow to incorporate my company? And how long does it take? Do I have to speak English or Maltese? Is the food good? Are people friendly?

These are some of the questions that may probably come to your mind before relocating to Malta. High expectations may easily turn into frustration, disappointment and cultural shocks if you do not get the right consulting.
No worries. Fortunately, here there are Dr Gianella Farrugia, advocate, SMM Group, and Viviana Premazzi, CEO and founder of GMD, who are ready to provide us with key tips and information on how to deal with the challenges both from a cultural and business side, within the Relocation Support Programme offered by Global Mindset Development.

Watching the following video you are going to receive an answer to all your questions about relocating in Malta. If you need also more specific information don’t worry, contact us through WhatsApp or mailing us at!