Business and politics are moving towards diversity

In the last decades, we saw different transformation in the daily life of people around the world, first through increasing contacts between cultures, not only in business but because of the changes in communication and mobility, and then, since 2020, because of the global pandemic and its effects.

Changes bring the need to look at things differently.

The new wave of CEOs

Since 2010 we saw an increasing number of CEOs of some of the main international companies coming from many different countries and cultures, especially India.

Someone said that this is because thanks to their social, cultural and political background, Indians have learnt how to adapt to all different kind of situation, while developing problem-solving skills, key assets not only for companies but also for people’s needs. With this kind of mentality, these CEOs were able created a peaceful and safe workplace, where the employees could feel to belong and, consequently, be more productive.

For example, Microsoft, with Satya Nadella as CEO in 2014, changed the organizational culture and the workload, created a more relaxed workplace in which aggressive behaviours weren’t tolerated anymore and empathy was key to business relationships and team management.

Moving towards diversity

So, maybe this is the reason why UK choose Rishi Sunak as their new prime minister?

UK has been deeply affected not only by the pandemic, post-pandemic and actual geopolitical situation, but also by the aftereffects of Brexit.

In this context, will someone like Rishi Sunak be a key element to bring changes to the UK government management and politics?

From some commentaries we read about him, it seems that as a British Asian he never forgets his Indian origins and the teaching by his parents, still choosing to proudly profess his Hindu belief. As Chancellor of the Treasury under the pandemic he fully showed his problem-solving skills and quick ability to manage the different issues that the lockdowns were creating to the businesses and the population.

The United Kingdom is facing now one of biggest crisis that it ever felt in the last century, and is now looking for a different approach to solve this situation. The fact that he was elected as leader of the conservatory party shows the desire to look for new and different way to do politics.

All these points bring us to the first British Asian, non-Catholic, Prime minister of UK, a man that we hope will make the UK a more inclusive and diverse place for all the people of different backgrounds.