Understanding the worlds around you

A tailor-made service to help individuals and organizations to work effectively across cultures wherever they are in the world.

The trainings are the core of our work. Intercultural training teaches the skills needed to understand the worlds around you.

The training sessions are for individuals, organisations, teams, leaders, expats relocating to other countries.

They can be variably combined and tailored to the needs and knowledge of the participants, be country-specific, and/or business-relevant.

All the sessions can be online or in-person.

Sessions can cover topics like effective communication across culture and languages, international business negotiation and intercultural mediation.

Consultation and advisory services can be offered in various formats helping to develop a unique company based solution:

  • Data collection and needs analysis using interviews, surveys, focus groups and participant observation;
  • Presentation and talks in conferences and seminars;
  • Ongoing longer term in-house intercultural support.
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Sessions can be held in English, Italian and Portuguese.

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