Far From Home. A talk with a friend abroad: Catherine Galea

Episode 1. Mindfulness for expats

In this talk of the Far From Home. A talk with a friend abroad series we discussed with Catherine Galea, Maltese living in Cyprus, resources that we as expats can activate to stay focus and be mindful in uncertain times.

Catherine is the founder of ‘Unlock Your Purpose’, Inspirational Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Mindfulness Teacher for Adults and Children, Master NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Womb Healer and Chakradance Facilitator.

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Far From Home. A talk with a friend abroad: Livia Apolinário Thé

Episode 2.  The expat grief in covid19 times

In this talk of the Far From Home. A talk with a friend abroad series with Livia Apolinário Thé, Brazilian living in Malta, we talked about the expat grief and that feeling of having betrayed your family, friends and colleagues especially the ones working at the frontline against the covid-19.

Livia is a mom, psychologist (specialist in families), doula and body analysis.

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Far From Home. A talk with a friend abroad: Irene Pepe

Episode 3.  Tips to manage your team working remotely

With Irene Pepe, Italian living in Hungary, we discussed and shared some very useful advice on how to work and manage your team working remotely based on Irene’s experience with different companies and in different countries.

Irene work as ITL Group Communication and Marketing Manager. Within ITL Marketing, she is currently responsible for corporate and projects communications besides being Editorial Project Manager for Economia.hu, an online newspaper about the Hungarian economy.

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Far From Home. A talk with a friend abroad: Elisa Finoli

Episode 4.  Skills that you gain when living abroad

Before ended up in the US Elisa lived in UK, India and Nicaragua.

With Elisa we discussed the skills that you learn when you are abroad alone and you have to find your way, skills that then can be extremely useful in challenging situations like the one we are facing now.

Elisa is the founder of Aglaia Jewelry, Italian jewelry designer and mom of two. All her pieces are handmade using recycled precious metals or fairmined gold, pearls and stones are ethically sourced, use of chemicals is limited, her packaging is as sustainable as possible and in her studio uses renewable energy.

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Far From Home. A talk with a friend abroad: Leasa Weimer

Episode 5.  The uncertain future of our international life

Leasa and I met a few years ago when we were both board members of the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA).

As we mentioned in the talk we have been so used to our international life, to so easily travel all around Europe and the world that we took it for granted and now that our international life paused a lot of questions are coming up about the present and the future.

Leasa Weimer, PhD, originally from the U.S. now lives in Finland with her husband and daughter.  She works in the field of international higher education and is the Assistant Director for Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives at the Fulbright Finland Foundation and a researcher for the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

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Intercultural management in azienda – Rinascita Digitale DAY 10

Manager e dipendenti sono chiamati in questo momento ad affrontare un grosso periodo di incertezza. Le conoscenze e competenze sviluppate grazie all’intercultural management e alla gestione di team multiculturali possono risultare molto preziose. In questo webinar (in italiano) per Rinascita Digitale, Viviana Premazzi discute di come le varie culture nazionali, e in particolare l’Italia, considerano e affrontano l’incertezza e come possiamo migliorare il lavoro del nostro team e con i nostri clienti acquisendo più consapevolezza e strumenti per gestirla.